Tracing Preschool Printables & Worksheets

Tracing Preschool Printables & Worksheets

Preschool printables, including tracing worksheets for kids are essential tools for children to learn to trace and print letters, numbers, shapes, and their name. Use the shape tracing printables as a precursor to printing letters and numbers. The number and alphabet letter printables are both preschool printables but are also appropriate for kindergarten kids to practice printing skills by tracing letters, tracing numbers, tracing the alphabet and tracing their own name.

Tracing Numbers, Letters, Alphabet & Names These tracing worksheets are fun preschool printables which are also educational activities for children. Educational activities at a young age are vital to developing cognitive abilities. These alphabet printables, number tracing, letter tracing, name tracing, and shape tracing printables are to be printed and traced. Enjoy!

There is also a product bundle available for purchase which contains full tracing pages for uppercase and lowercase versions of the alphabet and pages for each individual letter. It also has pages for the numbers 1-10. Not all of the content of this pdf bundle is available on this site. This Alphabet and Number Tracing package is a great deal at only $2.97. Buy Now!

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Tracing the Alphabet Printables

These tracing preschool printables are the whole alphabet in either uppercase or lowercase. Print whichever practice worksheet you need.

Capital Letter Tracing: All the letters of the alphabet in uppercase.
Small Letter Tracing: All the letters of the alphabet in lowercase.

Letter Tracing Printables

These tracing preschool printables are the individual alphabet letters worksheets. Each worksheet includes tracing practice for both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter. They also have images and words that include the practice letter.

Letter A Worksheet
Letter B Worksheet
Letter C Worksheet
Letter D Worksheet
Letter E Worksheet
Letter F Worksheet
Letter G Worksheet
Letter H Worksheet
Letter I Worksheet
Letter J Worksheet
Letter K Worksheet
Letter L Worksheet
Letter M Worksheet
Letter N Worksheet
Letter O Worksheet
Letter P Worksheet
Letter Q Worksheet
Letter R Worksheet
Letter S Worksheet
Letter T Worksheet
Letter U Worksheet
Letter V Worksheet
Letter W Worksheet
Letter X Worksheet
Letter Y Worksheet
Letter Z Worksheet
Save time and get the full bundle of alphabet tracing worksheets, plus the full alphabet worksheets, and the number worksheets for only $2.97. You'll always have them available without having to click through to each page separately. Buy Now!

Please enjoy more of our other Alphabet Letters Printables , including letter mazes and letter dot-to-dots!

Preschool Numbers Worksheets

These preschool numbers worksheets are all number tracing worksheets. Each of the worksheets includes a large outline of the number to color, a line of the dotted number to trace, a couple of line to practice printing the number, and groups of objects for the child to determine which group match the number of the worksheet.

Number 1 Worksheet
Number 2 Worksheet
Number 3 Worksheet
Number 4 Worksheet
Number 5 Worksheet
Number 6 Worksheet
Number 7 Worksheet
Number 8 Worksheet
Number 9 Worksheet
Number 10 Worksheet

Shape Tracing Worksheets

These tracing preschool printables are all just shape tracing and line tracing. Some of them create a message, while other tracing pages complete a picture.

Hockey Traceable Worksheet: Trace paths to the net
Sun Traceable Worksheet: Trace the rays of the sun
Fathers Day Traceable Worksheet 1: Happy Father's Day. I love you Daddy : trace the message
Fathers Day Traceable Worksheet 2: Happy Father's Day. I love you Dad : trace the message
Fathers Day Traceable Worksheet 3: Happy Father's Day. I love you Papa : trace the message
Fathers Day Traceable Worksheet 4: Happy Father's Day. I love you Grandpa : trace the message
Spring Flower Traceable Worksheet: Trace the 8 petals and 2 leaves
Cat Traceable Worksheet: Trace the yarn strings to find the ball of yarn
Horse Traceable Worksheet: Trace the fences for the horse to jump
Unicorn Traceable Worksheet: Trace the wavy mane of the unicorn
Christmas Tree Traceable Worksheet: Trace the star and circles
Snowflake Traceable Worksheet: Trace the 6 diamond shapes
Valentine Hearts Traceable Worksheet: Trace the 7 hearts on this Valentine
Easter Eggs Traceable Worksheet: trace the 6 Easter eggs that the Easter bunny loses
Mothers Day Printable Worksheet: Happy Mother's Day. I love you Mommy : trace the message
Thanksgiving Printable Worksheet: Trace the following message: Happy Thanksgiving. Warm Wishes To All
... try more of our holiday printables ...

Name Tracing Worksheets

You can enter a name in the following textbox and a tracing page will be created for that name. We also have many thousands of name tracing worksheets available to print and trace in the archive below. They are perfect preschool printables for kids. You can either print the all caps version of the name or the mixed case version of the names in the archives.

Font Size: Large Medium

A Name tracing printables: From Aadi to Azure
B Name tracing printables: From Baara to Byron
C Name tracing printables: From Cable to Czarina
D Name tracing printables: From Dabney to Dzigbode
E Name tracing printables: From Ea to Eztli
F Name tracing printables: From Fabian to Fyodor
G Name tracing printables: From Gabby to Gzifa
H Name tracing printables: From Ha to Hywel
I Name tracing printables: From Iago to Izzy
J Name tracing printables: From Ja to Jyotika
K Name tracing printables: From Kaamil to Kyson
L Name tracing printables: From La Cienega to Lyubov
M Name tracing printables: From Maaike to Mythri
N Name tracing printables: From Naal to Nyx
O Name tracing printables: From Oakes to Ozzy
P Name tracing printables: From Pabla to Pyralis
Q Name tracing printables: From Qabil to Qwin
R Name tracing printables: From Raanan to Ryuunosuke
S Name tracing printables: From Saadet to Syshe
T Name tracing printables: From Taariq to Tzila
U Name tracing printables: From Uaine to Uzuri
V Name tracing printables: From Vachel to Vyra
W Name tracing printables: From Waapalaa to Wyoming
X Name tracing printables: From Xadrian to Xylona
Y Name tracing printables: From Yaakov to Yvonne
Z Name tracing printables: From Zabby to Zytka

Please select any of the above letters to see all the name tracing printables for that letter. These preschool printables are perfect to help kids learn to print their name.

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More Preschool Educational Materials

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Preschool printables, including letter tracing worksheets, number tracing worksheets, name tracing worksheets, and shape tracing worksheets are all excellent teaching aids to teach preschool kids the basics of writing. Parents may use these pages at home with their children or teachers may include them as part of their curriculum.

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